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Newsroom by Journesis is comprised of professional journalists. Generally speaking, they are experienced journalists from media corporation, columnists, book authors, creative producers, etc., who have presense in publication.


We don't have in-house editorial team. Instead, you select your favourite journalists and form a team to produce content for yourself. We've designed an editorial flow facilitating a peer-editing mechanism to ensure quality of content generated from the Newsroom.


Content is rich but customized. In the Newsroom by Journesis, journalists with different expertises produce content, from niche to general, across the spectrum. You'll find your own fit here.

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We welcome journalists from different expertises and backgrounds. The platform allows any views or comments on any subjects, as long as it does not contain, but not limited to, false statements and legal liabilities. Operations, such as technical maintenance, revenue sourcing, etc., is all on us. You can focus on your profession - Journalism.

Editing is an important element of the Newsroom by Journesis. If you're an editor with over six months of editing experience, you may also apply to be an editor.

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